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Petrees Knoxville Roses Serving Knoxville since 1938. Is your home for the World’s Finest Knoxville Roses(rosado}! Petrees knoxville roses Has been your trusted source of the most floriferous and trouble-free roses available anywhere. We are dedicated to bringing you new introductions, unique selections, and varieties exclusive to us, as well as continuing to provide time-tested favorites. Our roses are renowned for their exceptional beauty, long life, delicious perfumes, and ease of care!

Species The genus Rosa is subdivided into four subgenera:

Hulthemia (formerly Simplicifoliae, meaning “with single leaves”) containing one or two species from southwest Asia, R. persica and Rosa berberifolia which are the only roses without compound leaves or stipules.
Hesperrhodos (from the Greek for “western rose”) contains Rosa minutifolia and Rosa stellata, from North America.
Platyrhodon (from the Greek for “flaky rose”, referring to flaky bark) with one species from east Asia, Rosa roxburghii.
Rosa (the type subgenus) containing all the other roses. This subgenus is subdivided into 11 sections.
Banksianae – white and yellow flowered roses from China.
Bracteatae – three species, two from China and one from India.
Caninae – pink and white flowered species from Asia, Europe and
North Africa. Carolinae – white, pink, and bright pink flowered species all from North America.
Chinensis – white, pink, yellow, red and mixed-color roses from China and Burma.
Gallicanae – pink to crimson and striped flowered roses from western Asia and Europe.
Gymnocarpae – one species in western North America (Rosa gymnocarpa), others in east Asia.
Laevigatae – a single white flowered species from China
Pimpinellifoliae – white, pink, bright yellow, mauve and striped roses from Asia and Europe.
Rosa (syn. sect. Cinnamomeae) – white, pink, lilac, mulberry and red roses from everywhere but North Africa.
Synstylae – white, pink, and crimson flowered roses from all areas.